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Is there something about the far right that bugs the crap out of you that you'd like to see me parody on a shirt? Well feel free to drop me a line and I'll add it to my request list!

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    • Ebola!
    • Obama doesn't want to bankrupt the country
    • Obama is an immigrant Muslim touting Kenyan-style socialism, and eats white babies and puppies
    • Obama travelled to Mars in 1981
    • Obama won't let BP destroy the Gulf
    • Obama wont teach my kids that earth is the centre of the solar system
    • President Obama wont teach my kids that earth is the centre of the universe
    • The War on Women

    Between all of the sites in the Amorphia Family I've got a few hundred requests total and I'm not the fastest worker in the world, so it might be a while before your request sees print. On the plus side, I fulfill requests in no particular order except what I feel like doing today, so hey you never know, you might see your design tomorrow!